About our company

Light shines upon the planet where life thrives. Without light, darkness reigns. True light divides day and night and gives meaning to life. We learn the making of light to enlighten our lives. We listen carefully to our customers’ needs and we deliver consistently quality light day by day. As long as light shines, we remember our mission to enhance meaning of life with our lighting solutions.

Our meticulous efforts in supply chain innovation define the accuracy, reliability and coherence of our linear lighting fixture with wide spectrum of color temperature LED. Such efforts enable WAKO to customize different power and brightness lighting fixtures for architects, lighting and interior designers to achieve innovative and creative applications. We are proud to be able to serve and deliver solutions so that our institutional clients could realize their vision in various projects spanning across airports, churches, embassy, museum, art centre, hotels, palaces and many retail outlets, cooperate offices, residential, landmarks, malls, recreational facilities in Asia Pacific.